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Looking for ROMS... Like the Pascalrom and other roms.... Please Email if you have them in binary file or so...... Also Looking for EH the programmer of Blobbo,Toado and Super Minefield..... Please Email me:)

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Memotech MTX: Title


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3d Tachyon Fighter
(Transfer Project)
Myself 3dtacfig.rar (1206K) 1984 Continental Software Nice Space shooting game, looks like a clone of the old Sega game called: "Buck Rogers"
3d Turbo El Senator 3dturbo.rar (1254K) 1984 Continental Software 3d indy car race. Avoid the other cars!
(Transfer Project)
Myself agrovat.rar (1057K) Only MTX512!!! 1985 Syntax Software Nice game ala Pacman, eat the dots and other items in the maze, avoid the enemy!
Alice In Wonderland
(Transfer Project)
Myself alicew.rar (1439K)


1983 Continental Software A real text adventure, based at the book.
(Transfer Project)
Myself arcazion.rar (470K) Chris Sawyer I really nice clone of "Space Invaders" / "Galaga" - Raw 8bit power for the hardcore player!
(Transfer Project)
Myself astro.rar (677K) 1984 Continental Software Nice Space shooting game, very well done, another masterpiece from A.Key
(Transfer Project)
Myself astromil.rar (370K) 1984 Continental Software Nice "Space Invaders" / "Galaga" Clone.
(Transfer Project)
Myself bgammon.rar (719K) 1983 Continental Software Try to beat your Memotech in a game of Backgammon!
(Transfer Project)
Myself blobbo.rar (756K) 1983 Continental Software A nice clone of Pacman, but this Memotech MTX version is a little special: E.g. can the Ghosts lay out skelettons wich you may not eat!
Comic Bakery
(Converted Games)
Myself bakery.rar (2838K)


1984 Konami Newly converted MSX game, this time you must save the breads for your customers. Avoid Racoons to steal them, funny game.
Concract Bridge II  Bemmu Sepponen bridge.rar (1898K) 1984 Continental Software Nice Looking bridge game. But I am not a big Bridge-player sooooo...
Cosmic Raiders El Senator cosmicrd.rar (743K) 1984 Continental Software Space-Shooting like Space invaders.
Demonstration Tape Myself demotape.rar (59K) Memotech 1983 i assume. Graphical Demonstration.
Goldmine El Senator gdmine.rar (2334K) 1983 Continental Software Collect gold and use tools to get it!
Hawk Wars
(Transfer Project)
Myself hawkwars.rar (633K) 1985 Syntax Software Try to destroy the hawks with your spaceship.
Hustle Chumy
(Converted Games) 
Myself Hustle Chumy - 1984 Compile.RAR (30K)





1984 Compile You have to clear the stage, but take care cause you move slower, the more you carry the more you slow down, Shoot the Enemies and bring the goods back to your pit.
Jumping Jack Flash Bemmu Sepponen jumping.rar (866K) 1985 Syntax Software Some Strange jumping game, where to collect gold!
Kilopede Myself kilopede.rar (453K)


1983 Continental Software The classic games where you must kill the snake. Also known as "Centipede"
Knuckles El Senator knuck.rar (630K) 1983 Continental Software Maze / Pacman / Boulderdash game.
Little Devils
(Transfer Project)
Myself ldevils.rar (471K) 1985 Syntax Software Nice little game, where you must crush blocks and throw them at your enemies.
 Mecha 8 Oscar Toledo G. 2012-2019
Mecha 8 - 2012-2019 Oscar Toledo G.rar (81k) (87k) includes .COM, MTX and .RUN file.

Oscar Toledo G. 2012-2019
Merciless aliens are overrunning a small planet, they took by surprise to all the army. Now the last remaining defense is the Mecha Research's Lab and its unique two mechas, the most powerful! 
Mission Alphatron El Senator alpha.rar (857K) 1984 Continental Software Space-shooting, shot the enemies, and fuel to stay in the air!
Mission Omega
(Transfer Project)
Myself misomega.rar (529K) Chris Sawyer Another Shooting, like Mission Alphatron.
MTX Chess El Senator chess.rar (1505K)


1983 Continental Software Try to beat the Memotech MTX in these old boardgame!
MTX Draughts
Myself draughts.rar (538K)


1983 Continental Software Try to beat the Memotech MTX in a nice game of Draughts/Checkers
MTX Draughts
Reumped,Compressed and Released as .BAS .MTX .RUN and Wavefile by Crazy Boss 2018
Myself Draughts - 1983 Continental Software.rar





1983 Continental Software Try to beat the Memotech MTX in a nice game of Draughts/Checkers
(Transfer Project)
Myself nemo.rar (721K) 1983 Continental Software Shooting sharks, at the sea, beware of the mines, the electric eels and the land-crab.
(Transfer Project)
Myself obloids.rar (743K) 1984 Continental Software Kill your enemies with your ball, when you try to escape the maze.
O'Mac Farmer
(Converted Games)
Myself Old Mac Farmer - 1984 Mass Tael.rar (34K)





1983 Mass Tael Ltd. Help O'Mac Farmer to collect eggs, dont let the bugs kill you. He also needs to seed the rice, in the field, but the birds are not always friendly.
(Converted Games)
Myself pacman.rar (1902K)

1980-1984 Namco LTD Now you can play this cool CLASSIC at your Memotech. Converted from MSX by CrazyBoss.
Phaid El Senator phaid.rar (878K)


1984 Continental Software Another Space-shooting, look like "Cosmic Raiders" but much quicker!!!
Power Pac
(Converted Games)

Power Pac 1982 Namco LTD.RAR (2179K)





1982 Namco LTD This game is converted from the SORD M5 homecomputer, the game is also know as SUPER PACMAN!
(Transfer Project)
Myself qogo.rar (535K) Christopher Sawyer A nice Q*Bert clone.
(Transfer Project)
Myself quazzia.rar (1392K) 1985 Megastar Games Another Shooting, like Mission Alphatron.
Reversi El Senator reversi.rar (666K)


1984 Continental Software Another boardgame, also known as "Othello"
(Converted Games)

sasa.rar (2931K)




SASA - 1983 Mass Tael Ltd.mtx

1983 Mass Tael Ltd. Another MSX conversion. Remind when Robot SASA are in the air, he fly by shooting another direction!
Space Invasion
(ColecoVision Game Conversion Project)
Myself cvspin.rar (1119K)


1997 John Dondzila / Claus Baekkel Nice Space Simulator. Destroy the enemy before he destroyes you!
(Converted Games)
Myself Spectron - 1983 Spectravideo Int'l Ltd.rar (29K)




Spectron - 1983 Spectravideo Int'l Ltd.mtx


1983 Spectravideo int'l ltd. Newly converted Colecovision game, just another space game. A quick conversion this time:).
Star Command
(Transfer Project)
Myself starcmd.rar (1181K) 1984 Continental Software Nice Space Simulator. Destroy the enemy before he destroyes you!
Super Minefield
(Transfer Project)
Myself s-minef.rar (777K) 1983 Continental Software Try to get across the minefield. Sounds boring ? - well it is'nt!
Surface Scanner Myself surface.rar (1301K)


1984 Megastar Games Like Mission Alphatron, A very nice and good looking game!
Tapeworm El Senator tworm.rar (342K) 1984 Continental Software The wellknown Snake game
Target Zone El Senator targetz.rar (1000K) 1985 Syntax Software Like "Mission Alphatron" but better graphics.
(Converted Games)
Myself tbunny.rar (2881K)




Telebunny - 1983 Mass Tael Ltd.mtx



1983 Mass Tael Ltd. Another very funny game, its recommended to read the PDF manual, since the game can be very hard to know how to play. Another MSX conversion.
Toado Myself. toado.rar (956K)


1983 Continental Software A real classic: Help the frog across the Road and River.
Vernon & The Vampires El Senator vernvamp.rar (901K) 1985 Syntaxsoft Some 2d platform.
Zombie Near (64k Only) Oscar Toledo G.
znmtx.rar (7192K) (58k) includes .COM and .RUN file.

Oscar Toledo G. 2011-2015
Maze/Platform 3D?.

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