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Looking for ROMS... Like the Pascalrom and other roms.... Please Email if you have them in binary file or so...... Also Looking for EH the programmer of Blobbo,Toado and Super Minefield..... Please Email me:)

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Memotech MTX: Title


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The Technical Specification Page:

Here a little technical info about the Memotech MTX and expansions. 


Technical Specification:

Chassis Width: 288mm
Depth: 202mm
Height: 56mm
Weight: 2,6kg
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum
Keyboard Total Keys: 79
Function keys: 8 (16 with Shift)
Layout: Standard Qwerty
Layouts for: Uk,USA,France, Denmark,Spain,Sweden etc.
Reset keys (pushed together) 
Seperate Numeric keypad and Arrowkeys.
Processors Main Processor: Z80a - 4.0Mhz
Sound Processor: SN76489A (Texas)
Graphics Processor:TMS9929 (Texas)
RAM Main Ram: 32K (64K in MTX512)
Ram Expansions: 32K,64K,128K or 256K. (Max: 512K total)
Graphics Ram: 16K
ROM 24K with: MTX Basic - MTX Noddy - MTX Assembler - MTX Panel (Debug-Tool) Expansions  MTX PASCAL - NODE RING System (MTX Network) - Games etc.
I/O TV Out (Uhf)
Tape: In and Out (2400 Baud)
Centronic Printer Port.
Joystick Ports: 2
Rom Cartridge Port
Expansion: Communications Board with 2 RS232 ports (up to: 19200 Baud) and possibility to connect a FDX (Floppy) / HDX (Harddisc)
Sound Pure Sound Channels: 3 White Noise Channel: 1
Video Text: 40x25 - 16 Colors
Definable Sprites: 32
Graphics: 256x192 - 16 Colors

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