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Looking for ROMS... Like the Pascalrom and other roms.... Please Email if you have them in binary file or so...... Also Looking for EH the programmer of Blobbo,Toado and Super Minefield..... Please Email me:)

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Memotech MTX: Title


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David J. Fazackerley

First a little bit about David J. Fazackerley:

I am 40 years old Physicist and first came into contact with a computer in 1981, as a part of my degree, and became "hooked"! The computer was a ICL 1905f mainframe and, believe it or not, it used punch cards! ( Daddy, what's a punch card?). I started work for Memotech in about 1983, developing games, educational applications, operating systems and network software. I left when the company started to fall apart and spent three years working in the development of marine computers. After that went on to develop real time operating systems and applications in industry. Currently I'm have a company called Greenbridge Systems, which writes embedded microprocessor software for a large American company. I am still crazy about computers, and never really grew up! I have several web pages ( You can work out the addresses by yourselves) and can often be found stomping the European Quake Arena Servers under the name UselessPratt

David is the programmer of the wellknown Boardgame "Reversi", he made Memotech MTX version of the game, while he was working for Continental Software. Fazackerley also wrote the CP/M-Rom-software used in the FDX-Box.

Here is the Interview!:

So you are the GUY who wrote "Reversi", How much time did you spend at the project?
It took four weeks from start to finish. One week to design, two weeks to code and one week to test! Looking back, it amazes me how quickly we worked. I am sure it would take much longer to undertake a similar project today!!! 
Reversi, is a nice games, was it originaly written in Basic or Assembler ?
We always used Assembler. It was the only way to achieve good performance. The processors were so slow that, in most cases, high level languages gave terrible performance. Of course sophisticated development tools just did not exist! We were used to developing in assembler with no tools other than an editor. 
How much money did you make, out of the Reversi-Deal with Continental Software ? 
Memotech wanted to write several games to accompany the launch of the MTX so they created Continental Software to distribute the software and got me and a few other programmers to write some games. But I was a full time eployed programmer for Memotech so all I got was my normal salary! 
How long did you programmed the MTX before you wrote Reversi ?
Reversi was the first piece of software I wrote for them.  
Did you ever make other games, for the MTX ?
No, but I did write two Maths and Physics educational packages for the MTX then I went on to work on the operating system for the CP/M business expansion box.
Do you still have a Memotech and Do you use it any more ?
I do still have one, yes. I have to admit that I have not switched it on for a long time. But they were built extremely probably still works! 
Did you ever work together with other Programmers of the MTX ?
Yes. Nearly all of the programmers worked in the Memotech buildings on the industiral estate in Witney. Later we moved to a small cottage in the centre of Witney and worked from there until the company shut down its manufacturing facility and most of us left.
Do you still get in touch with the people, from the "Good Old MTX Days" ? 
I am afraid not.....unfortunately I have lost contact with them all. 


Thanks to David J. Fazackerley for giving this Interview, maybe this could be a idea for other programmers from the good old Memotech MTX Time too. We are always interested to get connected with people who will share there comments and informations with us!

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