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Looking for ROMS... Like the Pascalrom and other roms.... Please Email if you have them in binary file or so...... Also Looking for EH the programmer of Blobbo,Toado and Super Minefield..... Please Email me:)

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Memotech MTX: Title


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I first got the idea to this project, cause I through I have not enough games for my Memotech. Lars "El Sanator" have email'ed some games in the wave-format, and Bemmu Sepponen have send me a cd with some games in wave-format too. Some where I have more original gametapes for the Memotech, but I can't find them - they may be gone into the trash. And since no one was offering me any games by email - I through, if may be possible to convert existing Memotech MTX games emulator files, into a the real Memotech MTX, so I started analyzing the fileformats. There are diffirent Memotech MTX emulators available, for diffirent platforms - E.G Mac, Pc and Acorn. Therefor there is diffirent formats of these files. By analyzing the code in these files I found out enough to do the transfer to a real Memotech MTX. Since I am lucky enough, to have a Memotech MTX with the RS232-interface build-in, I could transfer the data between a PC and the Memotech MTX. It is not as simple as it sounds - cause I have not utilities for my Memotech MTX for doing the transfer. I found some information about the RS232-1 port at the Memotech MTX, this port can only be used in Assembler, so I have to make a little Assembler program to read the RS232 port, searching for data. The program I used to do the transfering was a basic-program, with a little bit of Assembler to do the RS232 transfer. But since the Memotech MTX is no Speed Devil, when using boat Basic and Assembler, I could only transfer at 75 Baud - It's around 8 bytes per second. Since the transfer-program at the Memotech MTX have to do many things: First it reads the RS232 port, if there is new data, the data will be POKE'd into the Memotech MTX memory at the right addresses! - then a CRC is calculated, and finaly the transfered byte and the CRC is printed at the screen. This process continues until the whole file was transfered from the PC. At the PC I have to write a QBasic program to do the transfer to the Memotech MTX - it was not very hard, since QBasic is very complete and have the possibility to access the RS232 (Com) Ports, and it also have the possibility to use 75 Baud at the RS232 ports. Now the biggest problem was to find the start-address where the games was loaded into the memory at the Memotech MTX. It was not so hard to find, since almost any Memotech MTX games are written for the Memotech MTX 500, wich have it's RAM allocated at #8000-#FFFF and forwards, and the Memotech MTX 512 has the RAM allocated at #4000-#FFFF, so the games actually starts, by checking for MTX 500 or 512, if it's a MTX 512 it starts by moving the game from  #4000 up to #8000. If it's MTX 500 the game is already at the right adresses and the game just starts! - By the way now a days we talk about Megabytes of RAM, soon we talk Gigabytes of RAM - A game like Astro-Pac one of the best Memotech MTX games take around 6-9 Kilobytes of RAM - Now-a-days a game takes much more space, and no one use pure Assembler anymore, but Andrew Key and the other programmers was forced to use Assembler and done a pretty good job with it!. By the way there is a limit to this transfer-project, only 100% Assembler games can be transfered, a few games published for the Memotech MTX are actually written in Basic, and maybe some small Assembler parts within. These games can not be transfered.... YET!


Please! - if you have emulators files - especially real files from the FDX box - please email them to me. You will find my email-address at the email-page. To browse what files you DO NOT have to send me, take a look at the download-page.

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