Memotech MTX: Title

Looking for ROMS... Like the Pascalrom and other roms.... Please Email if you have them in binary file or so...... Also Looking for EH the programmer of Blobbo,Toado and Super Minefield..... Please Email me:)

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Memotech MTX: Title

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Subject:  Turn you MTX512/RS128 into a MTX500
Discription:  Sometimes it is handy to turn your Memotech MTX512 or RS128 into a MTX500 computer, to test if your program really run ok at the MTX500 too. To do that follow these steps:
At the Ready Prompt type: PANEL and hit the RET key. *)
Now type D - Panel answer: Display>
Now type FA7A and hit the RET key - Panel answer: FA7A 01 (01=MTX512, and 03=RS128).
Now type 0 and hit the RET key - Panel answer: FA7B 00.
Now press the BRK key.
New press the B key - Panel answer: Exit?
Press the Y key to confirm, now you are back in Basic.
Type NEW and press the RET key.
Until next time your Memotech is reset or powered on/off the computer will remain as a Memotech MTX 500.

*) Instead of typing the full word PANEL you can type PAN. (For more short-cut-words take a look at the Basic Commands Page)

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