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Looking for ROMS... Like the Pascalrom and other roms.... Please Email if you have them in binary file or so...... Also Looking for EH the programmer of Blobbo,Toado and Super Minefield..... Please Email me:)

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Memotech MTX: Title

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Subject:  Turbo Save your programs to tape
Discription:  The Memotech computer saves default 2400 baud at the tape-port. By the way it is possible to save some seconds by turbo-saving, use the POKE 64863,X (X is by default 64). If you raise the value above 64 the saving will be slower (and more safe!). If you lower the value the saving will be quicker (and more unsafe). If you wanna turbo-save you must use quality tapes or save direct to a wavefile. I have tested values as low as 54 - it was turbo-saved into a wavefile: 22KHz 8 bit Mono. I think it is possible to go even lower (higher speed) by using the wavefile format: 44Khz 16bit, but then the wavefile take more space. But I think around 50 is the lowest you can go any where, cause if the speed is to high, the Memotech MTX will filter away the high tones when loading.
But try to load in a program, and then type: POKE 64863,54:SAVE"program" - when the saving is done, remeber to verify the program by: VERIFY"program" - remember it is importend that you use the same program-name within the "". If you got an error durring verifying, like Mismatch there are diffirences between the program saved and the one in the memory, it is possible that the speed is to high, try a higher value instead of 54 then. 

NB: Instead of typing the full words like POKE, SAVE and VERIFY you can use short-cut-words - take a look at the Basic Commands Page

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